Make Your Jewelry Profitable by selling them to established Precious Metal Traders

Jewelry can not only be attractive embellishments to enhance your appeal, or pretty ornaments to be worn at weddings. Jewelries, especially jewelries made from precious metals and stone like gold, silver, platinum and diamonds are invaluable investments that grows in value year after year. Like their beauty, the commercial and market demand of jewelries made from precious ingredients is also timeless and eternal. Selling them to a precious metals trader of repute can indeed make you laugh all the way to the bank!

For example consider your gold jewelry. Those precious and priceless family heirlooms which are kept locked in the bank vault or under lock and key in the closet and are hardly ever used. Selling them will be the most sensible thing to do, as the market demand for gold is perpetual and does not subside even if the country is experiencing deflation or economic difficulties. However your gold, silver, diamond or platinum jewelry will become profitable only if you sell them to a reputable and venerated precious metal trader. If you deal with shady or obscure precious metal traders you run the risk of incurring a loss, as rates which are far below the prevailing market rate for precious jewelries.

If you sell jewelry or buy jewelry from a widely acknowledged precious metal traders or dealers, you will be able to buy them at fairest prices and reasonable rates and be able to sell them at the highest prevailing market rates. For example if you are selling gold jewelry to a renowned jewelry trader, the purity of your gold will be evaluated carefully and meticulously through state of measuring equipment like computerised gold analyzer, electronic and acid test kits, X Ray purity estimation machines to analyze the purity of your gold by the international standard of karat as well as assess the amount of gold in your jewelry.

Once the purity of your gold has been determined, you will be able to sell your jewelry at the highest prevailing market rates.  Cash will be paid according to the live gold price. When you buy and sell jewelry with the reputable and trusted precious metal traders you only gain from your transaction.


Buy or Sell your Rare Platinum Metal Based on Spot Market Price by The Leading Platinum Traders of Singapore

Adornment of glittering stick pin and solitaires have become a fashion statement in modern trend. Gold, silver have always occupied the foremost position since decades because of its wonderful merits and advantages. In some countries gold is the traditional costume jewelry for the brides. The most purest of all metals, yellow gold never tarnish and continues to occupy a steadfast position in the trade market arena. Similarly in the case of silver which is qualified as white metal is very shiny and sparkling like gold and doesn’t fade away with time. But with the span of time many other jewelries and precious metals and stones have come to occupy the style statement of women like diamonds, sapphires, rubies, pearls, platinum, palladium etc.


One thing to be noted is that whether you are a owner of gold, diamonds or platinum there is involves a process of buying and selling for instance you may purchase a beautiful platinum watch or wish to sell your old fashioned  gold necklace for a new designer diamond bracelet, this procedure of purchase and selling is very risky and requires the guidance of world class gold and metal traders who can accurately provide you the exact market value if your treasured ornaments or accessories. The gold and metal trading companies of Singapore have accomplished themselves as pioneers in the field if jewelry trading business with the help of effective measuring scales and highly qualified metal experts who will accurately weigh your expensive valuables in the correct manner.



Just like diamond, platinum is a rare exquisite cherished metal which looks similar to diamond and silver with regards to its color and lustre. The natural color of platinum is silvery white which makes it a very popular and stylish metal which can be adorned as  fine piece of accessory or as a stunning piece of sparkling trinkets. Platinum is a very friendly metal because it does not corrode with the pace of time and is a very durable metal which means it can be your best friend forever. Falling behind gold the purity level of platinum is 90-95%  due to its physical properties and during times of monetary crisis though gold and silver play a great role in boosting monetary asset, platinum suffers from such unique features.


 Palladium is also a form of platinum which is bright silver and doesn’t tarnish like platinum. Palladium is a good metal because of its ability to resist corrosion and oxidation. So if you intend to sell platinum bars then only the reputed metal traders of Singapore can offer you the precise market price based on the spot international price in the metal trading industry. Besides serving as a fine ornament platinum and palladium are also beneficial in the industrial sectors. Platinum is an essential eco friendly metal used in catalytic converters installed in the exhaust pipes of the vehicles to prevent the emission of toxic gases. No matter you buy platinum or sell palladium you will eventually require the services of efficient jewelry and metal experts who will monitor your ornaments in sophisticated weight scales and deliver you the correct market value in the prevalent metal trading market.

Realize the Full Potential of Your Assets with the Best Singapore Trading Company

Our assets are our extremely prized possessions. Naturally we are extra careful while buying or selling them, whether they are bullion or jewellery. Need for proper market information is essential and it is more important to be in touch with professional experts who have been in the industry and are aware of the practices, trends and changing policies. Singapore has got an extremely promising marking in the buying and selling of gold jewellery. Same can be said for people possessing silver, platinum, palladium and diamond assets. The leading names trade in 22 karat and 24 karat gold items and their clients include everyone from regular asset holders to jewellery wholesalers and retailers.

Finding the right trading company can be lot less hassle free, if you know the things to look for. First of all, the company should have the right legal documents to validate their presence as you would definitely not like to hand over your valuables to people who aren’t professionals. The method of working is the next thing one should worry about. The best trading companies would conduct dealings in complete confidentiality and choose to pay in cash or cheque right away. Moreover, they would not trade any information to a third party and will take completely responsibility of the secrecy of your transactions. Comparison should be done between the rates that two companies are offering. Prices are quoted based on the available international spot price and thus you would be in a position to earn the maximum market value for your valuables. Singapore traders are keen on offering both buying and selling facilities, making it easier to purchase jewellery from them. While selling you must look for the advanced and accepted methods and procedures for weighing. Weighing of the jewelleries and other items are conducted on the right scales and in the presence of the seller. So, buy platinum or sell gold at prices that suit you expectations from the renowned names in the Singapore market.

Receive the Exact Market value for Silver by Acquiring the Services of  Leading Metal Dealers of Singapore 

Just like gold silver is another precious metal that has a special place in your ornament box. There are many countries which believe that purchasing silver and gold coins during special occasion and festivals bring good fortune. Gold and silver go hand in hand right from ancient history to the present generation. Even though markets and jewelry stores are flooded with precious gems, stones, sapphires, diamonds etc the beauty of gold and silver has not yet faded from the hearts of the people. Silver is also a valuable asset and needs careful observation while selling or buying and only the best dealers in metal trading can ensure that safety.

Singapore with its bright city lights provide you with a collection of quality traders who have excelled in the  trading market of precious jewelries and ornaments. Silver has a wide range of applications as many people prefer silver for its lustre and glossiness. Unlike gold the tarnish factor is lesser in extent but as a noble metal it doesn’t corrode easily. Because of its efficiency and long lastingness many customers prefer to buy silver and to do so you need the guidance of a leading giant on the field of gold and metal trading. Only Singapore offers you the exact market price for your precious silver metal according to the spot prices in the international trading market of precious metals.


There is a full guarantee that  you shall receive the exact market value for your precious silver accessories because a team of professional experts will personally monitor your asset using advanced measuring scales and offering you the accurate amount in respect to the current market price. Just as gold is referred to as yellow metal, silver is also known as a precious white metal which has lot of medicinal benefits because of its non toxicity. So the next time you buy silver coin or palladium be sure to hire the best metal traders who can serve you exquisite metals and ornaments along with the accurate market value.

For Maximum Value and Fair Prices, Sell Your Platinum Jewelry, to Reputed Traders in Singapore


Platinum is a rare and dense silver white precious metal that is created as a byproduct from mining nickel and copper. Because of its natural scarcity, it is referred to as the “most precious” of precious metals. As with jewelry, you can always try to sell your collection of platinum jewelry, for their jewelry value through a reputed jeweler or trader of precious metals or even the corner pawnshop. The value that you would get for used jewelry is very hard to determine. Determining the value when viewed from the refining point of view is much more simple and straightforward. Usually the process is to refine the platinum, based on the weight of platinum available for extraction and the ruling prices for platinum. Platinum prices are determined by troy ounces so you will need to convert the weight from grams to troy ounces. There are approximately 31.1 grams to a troy ounce therefore a platinum ring that is 95 percent platinum and weighing 22.54 grams, converted to troy ounces weighs 0.725 troy ounces. The troy ounce weight is multiplied by the ruling market prices for platinum on the day, to arrive at the melt value of the platinum. Typically people will pay around 70 percent of the fine platinum value based on the price and weight.


You need to be very clear when selling your collection of platinum jewellery, about whether you want to sell by value or by weight, particularly so if it contains any precious stones, or has any engravings designs or settings. When you want to sell platinum jewelry, there  are a few things that need to kept in mind to ensure that you get the best deal. While platinum has a high value, you need to ensure that is indeed platinum and not silver or white gold. Have a jeweler assess and weigh it, many jewelers will also provide an estimate, which may not really provide you a fair value. In order to get as much as you can for your platinum jewelry and watches, keep the following steps in mind:


  • Clean the platinum jewelry and watches well before going to get it appraised

  • Get all appraisals and offers in writing

  • Ask what the jeweler is basing their quote on

  • Carry any receipts that you may still have


If you do not have the time to scout around for jewelers and cope with all the bother you can approach an established gold and precious metals trader online, who will buy jewelry made of platinum gold, silver and other precious metals. They offer offer fair prices based on international prices, less a small discount , which in industry parlance is referred to as ‘ the spread’. The benefit is you get paid instantly and you can choose to get paid instantly on the spot in cash or by check. They can also transfer the funds to your bank account if desired. The process is very fair and transparent and customers are not obligated or pressured to sell their items at any stage of the process. Jumbo Gold & Diamonds being one of the trusted names in the business of buying platinum and selling platinum, have a large team of experts who will assess the purity of your precious metals using advanced techniques, the jewelry is weighed using sensitive jewelry scales. Thereafter, with both parties agreeing, the money value will be calculated and paid according to the corresponding live prices on the day. Jumbo Gold & Diamonds, Singapore; buy platinum from their customers at very competitive and attractive prices. The  next time you need to dispose of your collection of platinum jewelry and watches in try Jumbo Gold & Diamonds, for the best bargain for your precious metals and complete peace of mind.


Buy & Sell Diamonds From The Best Precious Metals Traders In Singapore

Remember the epic song “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” featuring a dazzling Marilyn Monroe? This classic merely confirmed the value of diamonds in the popular culture. Diamonds have both economic as well as sentimental value. Not only are they unparalleled as a beautifying element- a single diamond necklace, earbobs or bracelet can enhance your beauty and elegance  and make you look classy and chic, something what even kilos of gold jewellery fail to do, they are also unbeatable as a profitable asset. Like gold and platinum, the demand for diamonds is perpetual and timeless. Even if the national economy is fluctuating or in doldrums, you can be assured that the demand for diamonds will never be diminished.

However when you venture to sell diamonds ( or any other precious stones for that matter) you need to examine the testimonials of the buying individual of concern, which reflects their integrity. Selling to buyers whose credentials in the diamond industry are not well known ( or verifiable) implies you have stepped on  murky waters and have taken  huge financial risk. You might end up selling your priceless belongings at rates which are significantly lower than the prevalent ones.

So it is mandatory to ensure that you sell your diamonds to a concern/trading organization which have not just verifiable but well known and universally acknowledged credentials and testimonies. If you are in search of a reliable organization that practices in discreet trading of precious stones and metals in all forms whether raw, bullion,  or in shape of heirloom jewellery you can consider Jumbo Gold & Diamonds, a reputed precious metals organization located in the prosperous city of Singapore. The reason why their reputation as a precious metals trader is unparalleled is their team of highly experienced precious metals  industry experts who will correctly evaluate your diamond’s worth. The diamonds are graded and priced according to the distinguishing qualities of the 4 Cs (colour, clarity, cut & carat).

You can sell diamonds at the highest prevailing international rates, thus ensuring you capitalize on the worth of your invaluable assets to the maximum. You can look forward to selling your diamonds at very high prices as they have a lucrative diamond recycling program.

If you plan to buy diamonds you have made a prudent financial decision as buying diamonds is a profitable investment. Diamond values are enhanced every year, so they do yield a considerable amount of profit. Jumbo Gold & Diamonds sells their diamonds at fairest prices according to the prevailing rates.

Realise Your ‘’Golden’’ Dreams Through The Precious Metals Trading Portals In Singapore

Precious metals like gold silver or platinum are not just mere ingredients for jewelry to beautify your body, they are one of the most invaluable assets of monetary value one can have. Family heirlooms are not only sentimental souvenirs, they can also be sold if your family falls into unforeseen dire circumstances. This is because precious metals are perpetually in demand in the market , regardless of the state of economy, their appeal ( aesthetic as well as commercial) is timeless and thus never gets diminished. But there are a very few reliable portals where you can conduct discreet trading of precious metals ( both in jewelry or in bullion form).


In Singapore there exists few rare gold ,diamonds, platinum, palladium trading portals where you can buy and sell platinum, sell and buy jewelry. They buy and sell platinum, silver, palladium, gold jewellery, bullion and alluvial gold. They employ a team of highly experienced and professional industry experts at the prevailing international rates. Often the most common question prospective clients ask is ‘’ How much are my gold/silver jewellery, bullion worth?’’ Rest assured these portals will ensure that you receive the optimum level of profit from selling your invaluable heirlooms/possessions.

 Sweet-Gift-Romantic-Hoop-Earrings-Real-Platinum-Plated-AAA-Swiss-Cubic-Zirconia-Ladies-Earrings-For-Wedding.jpg_200x200                    0549cr-p1

You can trust these portals to assist you in realising a fair deal in which you can realize the maximum value of your assets. So if someone is considering buying or selling aforementioned precious metals and stones like diamonds they can refer to companies like Jumbo Gold And Diamonds ( one of the leading precious metal traders in Singapore) . If you have any amount of jewellery  be it 14, 18 to 24 carat jewellery you can sell them to Jumbo Gold And Diamonds as they offer the best markets rates for your products.

To these portals your trust is as precious as the metals you offer to sell or buy.

Get the Best Market Value in Singapore for your Precious Metals

Buying and selling gold, platinum and silver is an easy job after all. The residents of Singapore can definitely turn in to valuable patrons once they make the purchase from Singapore gold and silver store. These precious metals can be a cherished possession in the wardrobe of any individual. It is said that these precious metals come to your aid when you are in times in need. So it is best to invest in gold and silver when you can afford to do so.  It is obvious that it is best for you to sell your prized metals yourself or give the task to a trusted friend.  The gold store outlet will give you only 40 to 50 per cent of your gold value. There are many stores in Singapore which will give you the correct value according to the market value. Selling off your gold and silver can be a risky after all and care should be taken that you are not cheated.


If you go about selling or purchasing gold you must know a few facts about the metal beforehand. Gold is bought and sold in terms of karat. There are available in the market many categories of gold which are in the way of 14 karats, 18 karats, 22 karats as well as 24 karat. Gold is weighed by professional weighing measures and the best value is offered for the metal if you want to sell gold. If you want to sell off the diamonds at your disposal you must take care of the cut, clarity, colour and carat. The value of the gold and silver is increasing day by day. Buy diamonds all at reasonable rates from the stores. You can also easily buy platinum jewelry of your choice from select stores at Singapore The gold and silver stores in Singapore also buy and sell silver, gold and palladium bullion at international rates. You can rest in peace after you decide to transact business in Singapore because the gold and silver stores are the upholders of supreme quality. It is best to plan your investment in terms of gold silver and palladium.

The reputed trading company in Singapore plays an active role for the whole process

The celebrated companies have set up in the different parts of the world, who diligently works and actively keeping parity with the international market charge. Among all other trading companies the Jumbo Gold and Diamonds places in Singapore, enjoys the massive market, it is one of the reputed gold & diamond trading company selling and buying gold, diamond, silver, platinum and palladium jewellery and bullion in Singapore to and from customers. The experts in the apex of the company supply the 22k of precious jewellery to the renowned wholesalers and retailers, energetic in this respect, having dynamic ideas because of loads of experience. With the years of experience and knowledge that they have gathered, with the very idea they give the customers the privilege of working efficiently with the jewellers and goldsmiths mainly based in the metropolitan cities of USA, Canada, Fiji., UK and Australia and other.

If you are eager to1_Platinum sell platinum you can follow the company with the notable information that you gather before selling it. They largely depend on the competitive prices that are accessible across the globe for selling your product. The expert team do offer you the benefits for the life long bond, as they highly believe in serving the clients with the most authenticity and legitimacy. If you want to 3_Silver buy silver, you must verify about the purity of the precious metal you are buying. The international market price must be known to you associated with the guarantee period served by the trading company. You must know what you have, with a proper investigation and selling options. Trust on the company for best results.1_GoldBuy jewelry to the most trusted company trader for the beneficial outputs.

Get the Best Value of Your Jewellery and Bullion With Singapore Trading Houses

The century we are dwelling in gives a lot of emphasis on money-making. With the market being subjected to quick changes it has become increasingly important to find better and more stable sources of income that will suffice our sustenance during difficult times. Owning assets and jewellery is the best way one can amass large sums of money during times of need. But for evaluating assets and valuables properly, it is important to find reliable and experienced professional traders who would be able to correctly evaluate the items and offer sellers the right sum of money as per international spot prices. Today, with more and more people becoming inquisitive about making money through assets, there has been a rise in the number of trading professionals and jewellery buyers in Singapore who are equipped to guide people in this particular field.

With more than three decades of experience in the field, the leading names in gold, diamond and platinum manufacturing, retailing and wholesaling, the premiere Singapore trading houses have gathered the experience and in-depth knowledge that allows them to conduct safe and private jewellery and bullion transactions. They buy platinum from their esteemed clients and customers, but only after properly evaluating, weighing and scaling their market value. One can expect complete honesty and sincerity in their services as all the crucial aspects of the work including weighing using the perfect scales and paying in cash, is done right in front of the sellers. The fluctuations in prices of gold is very common and keeping track of them is quite difficult. It is therefore necessary to know about the right market phase when if one chooses to sell gold, he would be paid adequately. Another very rightful practice prevalent in the Singapore trading industry, is there is no minimum weight requirement system when traders choose to buy diamonds or gold from sellers. Thus, the scenario in the Singapore market being very conducive to making profits, people can go ahead and make the most of their valuables!